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lionhart tires
Lionhart Tires has united the latest in technology, innovation, unique fitment, overall performance, cosmetics and price to deliver distributors, retailers and the end user the ultimate value in a true UHP, SUV and Off Road Tire line. Lionhart tires now includes a full range of passenger, light truck, trailer, in addition to the Flagship (UHP, SUV, Off Road) of the brand.

Lionhart tires have exceeded all European standards. These same tires are the best choice for the finest European Sports Cars O.E. fitment. Lionhart also features sizes that not every tire manufacturer currently makes and that is why it is and will be on the cutting edge in the Tire Industry.

The Lion represents “Strength, Courage and Leadership.” This is also applicable to the Lionhart brand from our rugged strength “Mud Beast” to our new and unique fitment sizes, blazing new roads by leading the way in creating new markets and opportunities, while maintaining the courage and conviction to see our vision to its fruition.

Our brand truly has it all: We can realistically grow your business by leaps and bounds with a solid, high quality, reasonably priced full line tire options that is in it for the long haul.